Semi-confusing Writing

I wonder what I’d be writing about if I wasn’t about to post this to the internet. If there wasn’t the possibility that millions of people would suddenly see my work. I often think thoughts that I never express, and thoughts that I do express are often misunderstood. The latter encourages the former, the former facilitates the latter. Do you see what I’m doing? Writing in a semi-confusing way. Which was the former again? How exactly does the former facilitate the latter?

When written works are hard to understand they’re protected from people who don’t understand. If a written work is difficult to access, then those who are not adept at accessing meaning will not try to interpret it. In other words, the frequent misinterpreters will be discouraged from attempting to interpret it. However, the more hidden the meaning of a written work, the less of a chance there is that it will be fully understood by anyone. This leads to the question: is it better to have a higher chance of being understood while being commonly misinterpreted or is it better to have a smaller chance of being understood while being misinterpreted by a smaller number?

It should also be mentioned that the tactic of writing in a puzzle will only discourage the unintentional misinterpreters.

More complicated writings give those in a high position of power the opportunity to intentionally misinterpret in order to justify their own ends. There are bound to be multiple interpretations of complicated writings; this enables those in power to easily assert their (mis)interpretation as the correct (mis)interpretation. Intentional misinterpretations have had devastating consequences. The crusader’s misinterpretation of the Bible, Hitler’s misinterpretation of Nietzsche used to justify his theory of race superiority, and our supreme court’s misinterpretation of the constitution are just a few examples.

“‘Don’t appear so scholarly, pray. Humanize your talk, and speak to be understood.'” -From my classmates Twitter page

“‘My judgment is my judgmnet’: and no on eis easily entitled to it” -Nietzsche

Shall I write to become the simplified, almost meaningless voice of the masses or shall I write to justify the actions of crusaders and dictators? The answer “neither” can be a difficult middle-path to walk down.


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